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Torque Monitoring Equipment

We know that torque monitoring needs to be efficient so we have partnered with the industries best to make our customers job easier. With internal and external options available, we have one of the broadest ranges of torque monitoring solutions to best meet your needs.   

Dinamic Oil Helical Pier Drive

Integrated Torque Management System

Integrated Pressure Management System

Torque Hubs / Torque Spools

Pressure Differential Gauge Kit

The Torque monitoring revolution

Our integrated torque monitoring system increases efficiency and production like no other. No added weight, height, or headaches with real time data on the app and instant pre-formatted pile data sheets and job summaries along with countless other time saving features. 

The easy-to-use app is a game changer for installers looking for an easier method for recording pile data. 

External Torque Monitoring

Torque monitoring devices for all shaft output sizes with in-cab displays or manual recording options. 

Calibrated and non-calibrated systems available.

Recalibration has never been so easy

Our recalibration service is the quickest and most cost effective in the industry. From the time we receive your drive head for recalibration to when we ship it back to you is often less than one day!

Intersted to learn more about how we can reduce downtime for recalibration? Contact us! 

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