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Digga Mini Bigfoot Trencher
Standard Flow
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Digga's mini bigfoot trencher features an adjustable depth control foot which ensures the operator trenches at a set depth at all times. Three different chain options are also available for trenching in different ground conditions from general earth, to rocky ground, concrete, asphalt, and even frozen ground. Digga's trenchers are manufactured in-house to the highest industry quality, ensuring reliability and performance with the peace of mind you expect from a Digga product.

These trenchers are the most user friendly on the market; allowing the crumber bar to start in the trench and eliminating the need for the operator to get out of the machine to reset the crumber bar (patent pending). The uniquely designed foot can be seen from the operating station to allow the operator to see when the trencher is in the correct trenching position. A complete trenching solution for a cleaner trench helping you increase your effieciency and productivity.

Machine Type:
Cutting Depth:
Cutting Widths:
Foot Depth Presets:
Motor Type:
Max Pressure:
Max Horsepower:
Max Flow:
Mini Loaders, Walk-Behind Machines
Up to 36"
2K Bell Eaton
3,500 PSI @ 16 GPM
25 GPM @ 2,900 PSI
320 LBS.
  • Headstart Crumber System (patent pending)

  • Adjustable Skid Foot to maintain constant digging depth

  • Frame can be side shifted for digging close to permanent structures

  • 3 different Chain options, Earth, Combo, and Diggatac

  • Industry Leading Warr


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