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Digga 3DSS
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Digga's range of drilling augers for 3 ton to 5 ton Excavators are the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness. Over 30 years of design and development has produced the highest quality range of auger drives on the market today. Completely manufactured and assembled by Digga, using only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control. Fitted with Digga / Eaton bell motorss with intergrated pressure relief valve and input housing. The innovative design allows the gearbox to go down the hole to maximise drilling depth without extentions, eliminating downtime and minimises maintenance, optimizing your returns. Digga drilling augers are backed by industry leading warranty and local factory support. Digga planetary augers are specially designed for Excavators for drilling and augering in most ground conditions. The addition of Digga's patented "Energy Control Valve" turns the drilling drive into a screw anchor drive. 

Machine Type:
Drive Type:
Max Torque (ft-lbs.):
Max Pressure:
Max Horespower:
Recommended Flow:
Case Drain Required:
Pressure Relief Valve:
Energy Control Valve:
Mini Excavators & Small Backhoes
Single Speed
3500 PSI @ 16GPM
Machine Type:


  • Compact high torque Digga manufactured gearbox 

  • Digga designed Eaton motor with optional intergrated pressure relief valve to eliminate the need for bulky valve blocks and reduce many potential leak points 

  • 2 Piece shaft design ensures maximum side load ratings without increasing load on bearings 

  • Lifetime shaft pull out warranty

  • 5 year gearbox and 3 year motor warranty 

  • Over 30 years design and manufacturing experience 

  • Easily converted to a screw anchor drive with the addition of Digga's patented 'anti kickback valve'

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